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Kayla James is a romance reader who is obsessed with happily-ever-after's, swoon worthy moments, epic book boyfriends, and those scenes that make you blush (you know the one's you dirty girl you). One year recovering from a back injury, 300 devoured books, a spark of passion, and a hundreds of random paper scraps later, Kayla decided to pull the trigger and make her day dreams a reality. 

When her head is not stuck in the clouds, her head is... well, stuck in the clouds. When the sun is shining, Kayla works as a Graphic Designer both full-time and as a freelancer. Basically, the girl loves to create. Whether that is writing whole new worlds, drawing up the people in those worlds, creating branded designs for customers, or running around the house with a notebook to sketch out the next big renovation idea. Her husband is a big fan of that last one...  


Speaking of her own personal book husband, Kayla lives in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband, their three dogs, a cat, and a partridge in a pear tree. 

Her debut novel is releasing in early 2024. ​ 

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